If you are looking for something bold and timeless:

The Bastion block is a unique massive block used for High Security and Retaining Walls installed mechanically in lightning quick time.

Your complete installation project includes design, supply and installation of Bastion Block and all ancilliary works.

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    Bastion Blocks for Retaining Structures

    Throughout the world, Engineers have turned to massive wall blocks for their high Retaining Structures where they can't afford to take a risk of damage or theft. Bastion Block is the first such block in South Africa. Although still low cost, these walls can be placed adjacent to public roads or support permanent buildings without fear of them being irreparably damaged by car accidents or local soil shifts

    Mondo Retaining Walls have the specialist equipment and expertise to install these walls in record time - up to 100m2 per hour. All installations will come with an Engineers design and professional insurance so peace of mind is guaranteed

    Bastion Blocks for unbreachable Free Standing Walls

    When high security is urgent, the Bastion Block ticks all the boxes. At up to 1.25 tons per m2, it provides an impenetrable barrier and 100m2 can be installed in a single day. The blocks can be filled with either soil, stone, or concrete which makes them incredibly versatile. Added security can be secured into concrete in the top row of blocks.

    Bastion Blocks come in neutral grey and an exposed aggregate finish. The grey can be stained to suit any natural colour scheme.

    Bastion Blocks for temporary, re-usable structures

    The weight and size of Bastion Blocks make them incredibly stable and an ideal choice for temporary walls and barriers.Consider temporary boundary walls, construction site walls, bunkers, or flood barriers. Blocks can be filled with concrete or soil and continually moved without waste or demolition costs. They can be installed quickly and provide a reliable barrier.