Gabion Specs: Welded Mesh

Galvanised weld mesh has multiple high strength strands to reduce bulging for a cleaner linear look.

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    Weld Mesh Specifics

    50mm x 50mm

    50mm x 25mm

    Wire 1:

    Diameter: 3.15mm

    Weight/m^2: 2.56g

    Wire 2:

    Diameter: 2.5mm

    Weight: 1.67g

    Wire 1:

    Diameter: 2.5mm

    Weight/m^2: 1.85g

    Wire 2:

    Diameter: 2mm

    Weight: 1.60g

    Galvanisation and PVC Coatings

    Gabion wire can be PVC to increase the resistance to corrosion from salt and acid in their environment. It also offers some protection to the galvanized coating which can be damaged by floating debris in water applications. The PVC adds approximately 0.5mm to the diameter of the wire with only a negligible increase in weight.