Expertise in Gabion installations allows us to bring you a complete package of Civil Works backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Your complete project includes design, supply and installation of gabions and all ancilliary works.

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    Gabions as Natural Architectural Features

    For centuries, rock and stone have been the symbol of strength, power, and beauty. From the castles and cathedrals of Europe to the ancient structures of Asia, the monuments of the Aztecs, and the pyramids at Giza, stone has stood the test of time and there is no sign of it changing now.

    Gabions for Water Erosion Protection

    Since the early 1800s, rock-filled gabion baskets have been used on river banks and shorelines to withstand the effect of wave action, turbulence, and the ever-present destructive erosion from running water. It takes the strength of rock to resist the relentless power or water. They have become the most effective solution in most erosion scenarios the work over.

    Our workforce is backed by an assortment of plant, loaders, and uniquely adapted tools to ensure that construction is carried out as efficiently as possible. The company takes pride in its’ ability to provide a professional service with advice and recommendations by qualified engineers who deliver accurate design information.

    Gabion wire can be PVC to increase the resistance to corrosion from salt and acid in their environment. It also offers some protection to the galvanized coating which can be damaged by floating debris in water applications. The PVC adds approximately 0.5mm to the diameter of the wire with only a negligible increase in weight.

    Gabions as Retaining Structures

    The massive weight of rock makes Gabion Baskets the perfect solution for retaining embankments. They are not only immovable but completely porous so increased earth pressure from subsoil water is quickly released. They are also flexible which means they can easily adjust to movement caused by ground pressure or even seismic activity. The perfect engineering solution always seems to come straight from nature.