Expertise in Gabion installations allows us to bring you a complete package of Civil Works backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Your complete project includes design, supply and installation of gabions and all ancilliary works.

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    A Guide to the Gabion Wall

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    Retaining Walls

    Nothing quite matches the stability of a heavy stone cage when building a retaining wall. It offers weight, flexibility and the beauty of natural stone to any landscape.


    For centuries, rock and stone have been the symbol of strength, power, and beauty. Gabion fences are cost effective alternatives to traditional walls and off some very impressive advantages.

    Water Erosion

    Gabions and Reno mattresses offer unbeatable value and superior protection against all types of water erosion, calming weirs and boat launches.


    Gabions are sought after for their timeless, natural beauty. Outdoor furniture, planter boxes and gabion walls can be the feature of any landscape.

    Wire Variations

    PVC Coated Gabion Wire (icon)PVC Coated Gabion Wire (icon)

    Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh

    Galvanised or PVC Coated Wire, double twisted for additional resistance to movement, impact and water erosion.

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    Galvanised PVC Weld Mesh

    Galvanised weld Mesh has multiple high strength strands to reduce bulging for a cleaner linear look.

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