We are excited to introduce, in partnership with Concor Technicrete, the latest in Paver Laying Technology from Germany. Mondo Paving and Retaining Walls has recently imported a Toro H88 Paver Laying Machine that has proven advantages throughout the world on large and small sites. In Germany all sites from very large to the small 200m2 are paved this way.

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    The Toro H88 can install up to 1700m2 per day on a well-organised site with just an operator and one assistant. Although paving companies often claim to be able to install as much as 1000m2 per day, this is simply not feasible. They may get the blocks down in a day, but this amounts to 138 tons of concrete with an additional 50 tons of bedding sand. Once this has been done in a day the crew would be exhausted and will spend the next 3 days fixing and finishing off the paving.
    With mechanical installation 1000m2 can be installed from the comfort of the Toro H88 cockpit, leaving the rest of the team time to cut in blocks and finish off the paving without interrupting the installation rate.
    Many aesthetic problems attributed to installation have been caused by blocks of different heights which have not been compacted into place sufficiently, or blocks of different sizes (from different moulds), which cause lines to be skewed. Because mechanically installed pavers can only be installed in the exact format that they are manufactured, these problems simply do not exist. Other problems caused by poor workmanship are obviously eliminated by the hydraulically controlled paving clamp. No more high and lows. No more wandering lines.
    The basic machine can be used with various attachments, including a Joint Filler, Mechanical Screeding System, Vacuum Unit, Kerb Clamp and Hydraulic Clean Sweeper.
    It is widely reported that 35% of all accidents and injuries in the construction industry are caused by materials handling. Mechanical installation provides for ease of installation, less product wastage, improved installation times, less injuries, and increased quality.
    Although the price of the paving installation can be reduced by up to 19%, this saving could be compromised due to a higher manufacturing cost. There are, however, many indirect savings. Time saved in the paving process means a saving in P&G’s. It also facilitates improved access to the site, thereby saving costly double handling of materials in other trades.
    A variety of paving designs can be installed with a single machine. The paving blocks are picked up, lifted securely, transported, and placed precisely onto the paving surface.