Gabions as Fences

For centuries, rock and stone have been the symbol of strength, power, and beauty. Gabion fences are cost effective alternatives to traditional walls and have some very impressive advantages.

Expertise in Gabion installations allows us to bring you a complete package of Civil Works backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Your complete project includes design, supply and installation of gabions.

Rock Cubes

This is a heavy 300mm wide fence which can extend up to 2.4m. It has internal supports to prevent overturning.
The stone is heavy enough to reduce noise and allows water freely through the stone which reduces water erosion.
Cost effective when compared to traditional walls with foundation, plaster and paint and has a unique stone finish.
This can be a great solution in areas obstructed by immoveable boulders, services etc. Without plaster, paint and traditional foundations, gabion cubes are consistently lower in cost when compared with traditional brick walls. They also allow water to slowly filter through the wall in a decentralised way so it reduces the risk of soil erosion and unhappy neighbours.The shape and depth of the rock fill also assist in deflecting and dispersing sound waves which can form part of a noise deadening strategy. Due to their high porosity, gabion cubes will allow almost unrestricted airflow through the wall. This makes them stylish screen walls for machinery and equipment. Smoke and fumes are allied to dissipate, while everything remains completely hidden. The internal posts allow for the mounting of electric fences to the top of the wall for added security if needed.

Gabion Fence

Gabion fences are slender and stylish, offering alternatives to concrete and brick. They are affordable, unique, fast to install and can become the centerpiece to any landscape. The rock colours include brown, white, black and grey. The Gabion fence use Welded Mesh.


  • Standard Specs for Weldmesh: 50mm x 50mm thick
  • Internal Support posts: 50mm
  • Stone infill:Natural crushed stone or pebbles 40mm to 70mm
  • Colours include: brown, white, black, grey
They allow free flow of stormwater between properties which reduce soil erosion. They can be very cost effective. They are fast to install. They can be filled with imported, coloured stone which can enhance the colour scheme of any property.